Youth Climate Protests to Take Place in Over 100 Nations

On Fridays, over hundreds of thousands of school students are supposed to leave their classrooms for a global climate protest amidst growing annoyance at the failure of politicians to deal with the rising ecological crisis.

Students from tens of thousands of schools in over 100 nations are scheduled to take part in the strikes which started last year when one teenager – Greta Thunberg – carried a solo strike outside the Swedish parliament.

From that moment, the climate movement has burgeoned with schoolchildren on every continent except Antarctica taking part in the protest.

Friday’s protest is going to be the greatest yet as proof scales the climate emergency that the planet is facing. Amnesty International has cautioned that the collapse of world governments to deal with the calamity could result in one of the biggest intergenerational human rights breaches in history.
Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s secretary general, stated that it’s miserable that children have to renounce days of learning in school to urge that adults do the right thing. However, they know the result of the present shameful inactivity both for themselves and future generations. It should be a moment for sharp self-reflection by our political class.

Young people are supposed to hit the streets in cities across Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and in the US on Friday.
In the UK over 10,000 children walked out from their class last month and organizers are hoping that Friday’s event to be even larger with about 100 events taking place which would involve thousands of schools across the nation.

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