World Wide Web Turned 30 Years Old

On 12th March 2019, the World Wide Web (WWW) turned 30 years old. Thirty years back, Tim Berners-Lee submitted a suggestion with an uninteresting title ‘Information Management’ to his superior at the European physics laboratory CERN. Lee stated that the proposal he submitted would help scientists to get answers to questions such as how they can keep a track of their various projects.

Presently, one might be using the words, ‘internet’ or ‘web’ interchangeably but they mean different things. However, the suggestion submitted by Lee stated that within a couple of years the World Wide Web would come up, which would be a joined system for sharing information that would transform how the entire planet broadcasted.

During that time, associated networks of computers had been up, running, and emerging for a couple of decades. People had sent emails, shared files, ran message boards, and even created the first emoticons.

However, it wasn’t till the World Wide Web came along that the internet at large really began to lift-off Web browsers, webpages, and hyperlinks made information easy to find and move between, and because the core code was open sourced, anyone could create a browser or website of their own.
Over the last 30 years, important portions of the web have come and gone.

Berners-Lee acknowledges that the internet now has a lot of problems. Users are afflicted by online harassment, state-sponsored hacks, and other criminal activity. Ad-based revenue models reward clickbait, while there is a continual viral spread of fake news. Although they can be rewarding, social media platforms have also become home to political outrage and polarizing conversations. Still, Lee is hopeful that the WWW can improve a lot.

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