Works for Jack Reacher TV Reboot Begins Without Tom Cruise

Author Lee Child has decided to take the franchise of Jack Reacher to television for a reboot. But the saddest news is that it won’t star Tom Cruise. He decided to make way for the television after two feature films that were successful in an average way which starred the biggest movie star of the world. Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back are the two films that saw the most popular character which was brought to life in such a manner that ensured a certain level of success in the box office. But it also meant that Reacher would be drastically changed and it will be slightly different from how he was portrayed in about 40 different novels that was devoted to his wandering lifestyle.
It is known that only difference which will be seen is the physical size of the character in comparison with Tom Cruise, and apparently because of some of these physical differences between the fictional character created by Lee Child and that of the actor, the author felt motivated to look forward for a television reboot that can recast the role with someone whose physical structure have resemblance with the length that has been mentioned in the novels.
The much awaited reboot will be produced by Paramount Television, which recently had similar success this year with another action franchise that starred a guy named Jack, in Amazon’s web series, Jack Ryan. Amazon might be the ideal home for a Jack Reacher series; in that case, as Netflix have started to show original content that includes movies and shows owned by them. It will be interesting to see how this potential reboot moves forward, despite of where the series will actually land, and who winds up having the physical structure that is desired to be cast in the lead role of the series. 

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