Without Permission Facebook Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Addresses

Social networking giant, Facebook recently disclosed that they might have accidentally uploaded the email contact lists of 1.5 million users, without taking their approval. New users who signed up for new accounts since 2016 might not have any knowledge about it. Users impacted by the incident were not only limited to the United States but also affected the rest of the world. Even those who don’t have a Facebook account, they also might have been impacted if one of their friends signed up for a new account. Those who created an account, either for the first time or created a professional or business page might have inserted their email address and that’s fueling the social network’s ad targeting and friend recommendation systems.

No longer, Facebook need a user’s password to sign up for an account. However, this latest incident is going to shake the tenacity and faith in Facebook’s ability to safeguard its roughly 2.3 billion users.

Users can easily check if their contacts were uploaded and can easily delete the contact list from Facebook’s cache.
Sadly, unless Facebook contacts users, the only way to learn if any user’s contacts were imported is to take a look into the user’s Uploaded Contacts. Here are the steps.

Step 1: After logging into Facebook on your Android or iPhone or desktop, one need to tap the three horizontal lines and select ‘Settings’ from Settings & Privacy.

Step 2: After scrolling down to the Your Facebook Information section, Access Your Information should be selected.

Step 3: From there one needs to select ‘About You’ section and choose ‘Your Address Books’. Users would be taken to a page that says Manage Your Invites and Uploaded Contacts.

Step 4: On clicking “Delete All” will remove all of the contacts contacts that were imported from the email accounts.

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