Winter Olympics 2018 Update: Germany catching up with Norway and USA

The Winter Olympics of 2018 is going on in Pyeongchang, South Korea and is starting to pick up pace since its start. US secured its 3rd and 4th medals on Sunday and were positioned at 5th at the total medal count. With plenty of competitions remaining, US has huge hopes to collect more medals in the upcoming days of the event. Norway is still leading the table with 9 medals in total but the competition with US is increasing as the medal count between the two countries in decreasing gradually. Germany has the highest number of gold medals, with four of them in their kitty and seven in total, just two medals behind Norway. Netherlands is also in the game with seven medals, including three gold, two bronze and two silver. Norway being the highest medal collector this season till now has only two gold medals out of nine. Norway collected gold in the cross country skiing for men and ski jumping women category. While USA won gold medals in the category named Snowboarding, men’s slope style, snowboarding ladies slope style and Snowboarding ladies half pipe.
The gold medallist from US are Redmond Gerard (Snowboarding, Men’s Slopestyle), Jamie Anderson, (Snowboarding, Ladies’ Slope style) and Chloe Kim (Snowboarding, Ladies’ Halfpipe). The silver medallist from US is Chris Mazdzer (Luge, Men’s Singles) and the bronze medalist is Figure Skating (Team Event) and Arielle Gold (Snowboarding, Ladies’ Half pipe). Team figure skating event is something that is rarely held in Olympic events. This year the event was held for the second time and US secured a first position in it. Canada as well as the Olympic Athletes of Russia took home gold and silver in this special team event respectively. This year in the Winter Olympics many new countries are showcasing their talents and bringing accolades for their respective countries. Austria and South Korea have won one gold medal each. Australia, Italy, Slovakia, and Kazakhstan have also won one medal each.


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