White House Asks Google to Abandon Controversial Chinese Search Engine Project

News app for China and censored search engine has experienced significant controversy since project news broke out for the first time. However, it received its greatest opposition from Trump administration. As per the Wall Street Journal, Mike Pence, the Vice President commented on the speech that the modified search engine of Google has been given the codename Dragonfly. It is going to strengthen the Communist Party censorship and it also compromises the privacy of the Chinese customers.
In fact, The Intercept was the first one to break the news regarding the censored search app on the first half of the year with the later reports showing that Dragonfly reportedly links the searches to the phone numbers and makes it easier for the searches to be tracked and attached to specific individuals.
Google has still to confirm formally that Dragonfly actually exists. CEO Sundar Pichai has commented on things saying that things are simply exploratory and it is the early stages. However, this has not stopped opposition to the program. According to reports, over 1,400 employees have signed a letter which demands more transparency regarding Dragonfly. A group of House representative asked for the Google project formally and Jack Poulson, Google senior scientist resigned in the protest.
Google had operated its services in China till the year 2010 when the company had pulled out just after clashing with Beijing over the uncensored version of the search engine which Google ran out of Hong Kong. This was after Google had discovered that China had engaged in fishing attacks for targeting information of Chinese human activists. However, China is also largely valuable market which is home to more than one billion internet users. Thus, it is easy to see why Google would like to go back.


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