Which are the Hottest Health Trends of the Year 2018?

2018 would witness a new set of health trends which should be included in the health regime of every individual. By going through the list mentioned below, you can get an idea about the latest health trends which would be raging in 2018.


Healing Spices

Gourmet seasonings have become common. Even turmeric-flavored goods are rather easy to come by. However, they are going to become trendier this year. Take Golden milk for example. It is a popular spice-filled beverage which had seen use in Ayurvedic medicines. The turmeric powder contains the capacity to replace sodium and boost flavors.


Low-FODMAP Eating

The IBS sufferers had been saved by the low-FODMAP diets and the trendy eaters have also started following this healthy diet. The name of this diet had been derived from a type of carbohydrate which is present in certain food items and it can cause indigestion. The individuals who follow this diet usually skip the dairy products and food items containing high sugar content.


New Superfoods

The cassava, jackfruit and monk fruit had been popular in many parts of the world and it has gained high popularity in the stateside. These fruits are considered to be the replacements for wheat flour, meat and sugar. Cassava tastes delicious when it is baked and the jackfruit is extensively used in the vegan tacos.


Customized Running Gear

The retailers are designing high-tech shoes, trackers and headphones which have been custom made for the people who want to hit the pavement. The running shoes can be customized as per the requirements of the customer and has become quite popular among the runners.


Activated Charcoal

The combination of activated charcoal and clay has undergone a makeover and is now being used in detox drinks. Activated charcoal and clay might cause constipation and hence the consumption should be done in restricted quantities.


Intermittent Fasting

The restrictive diet might cause harm to the body instead of benefitting. By abandoning food, the individual becomes hungry and nausea and dehydration are not uncommon in such a situation.


Sleep-inducing Foods

Many Americans have complained about long-term or short-term insomnia and it had led to the demand for sleep-inducing food items. By consuming dream water or applying sleepy lotion, you might not get the required amount of sleep.


Fancier Snoozing

The smart beds and smart pillows would be welcoming news for the people who love to sleep. The smart bed would be able to track your sleep as well as respond to the changes in position throughout the night.


Which healthy trends would you include in your new year’s resolution? You can leave your views in the comments section.


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