WhatsApp Testing Feature That Allows Users to Share Their Status to Facebook and Other Apps

WhatsApp is testing the idea of allowing its users to share posts from their WhatsApp status with other apps. From 26th June, users in WhatsApp’s beta program got to see a new sharing option below their status that can be used to post a status directly to their Facebook story or send it to other apps, such as Instagram, Gmail, or Google Photos.

WhatsApp Status is the service’s Instagram Stories-style feature that allows a user to post images, text, and videos on their profile; however it remains available for 24 hours.

Even though there’s a direct link to share the status to Facebook, WhatsApp mentioned that it’s not doing anything to link the accounts on the two services. Rather, it’s making use of the same iOS and Android data-sharing APIs as every other app, which means that data is moved between the apps on-device. Even if one share data to another Facebook-owned service like Instagram, WhatsApp informed that the two posts would be separate cases in Facebook’s systems, and they won’t be related. There aren’t many options to have one’s WhatsApp status shared to another service; WhatsApp informed that it wants the detail to be an active decision on the part of the user. WhatsApp needs to be careful about creating the feeling of data sharing with Facebook.

WhatsApp’s new status sharing feature doesn’t do any of the data sharing that got Facebook into trouble in the past. However, as Facebook moves toward allowing users from all three of its major services to message each other across a single technical backend, even seemingly insipid features like this can risk acute scrutiny.

Started way back in 2017, WhatsApp Status has since grown to be used by 500 million users daily, and in 2020, it would become the first place in the WhatsApp app to show ads.

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