Ways to Stop Google from Storing Your Voice Recordings

Today, home assistant devices like Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming omnipresent. While these devices are proving to be very helpful to the users, sadly enough most of these devices are storing the user’s data or even the recordings forever. Users are discovering this hard truth about these handy items and are in state of shock.

Well, if this bit of news makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can easily delete the recordings. However, among the stored recordings made by Alexa and Google Assistant, only Google Assistant allows users to pause the process so that the voice won’t get recorded during the first place. Basically, Google Home spends most of their time listening to the wake words, such as ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’. The device then starts to record everything the user says and sends it to the servers. However, the process for preventing the voice from being recorded is very simple. Take a look below:

Users will need to go to Google’s My Activity page
Then users need to click on the hamburger icon present on the top left of the page to get the pull-out menu
The Activity Controls need to be clicked
One would need to scroll down to “Voice & Audio Activity.” Users would see a blue toggle which will, in all likelihood, be set to on. It needs to be switched off.
A pop-up message warning message would be shown to the user stating the crucial consequences of pausing the recordings, like not being recognized by your faithful Assistant companion. Still users can switch it off.

However, when users feel like a change of mind, one would need to go back to the same place and switch it back on. It’s entirely up to the user. One thing that can be done is to allow Google Assistant to carry on with the recording, and simply erase the existing recordings on a daily basis. It won’t, assure users that their voice isn’t being held on some server somewhere.

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