Ways to Enable the New Gestures in the Android Q Beta

If you own a Pixel device, then the third phase of Android Q is now available for download and installing it. It would be also available for download on 15 other devices as well. The latest update would bring about some new features along with it.

Since Android Q is still in its beta preview mode, i.e. it is meant for the developers mainly, so one should think twice before installing it on their phones. However, the latest update brings many new features, one of them being pretty controversial.

Once it gets activated, the home button disappears. In its place, one would have to swipe up to go back home. And, one would wonder where the back button went? To navigate back and forth through apps, one would have to swipe left or right on your screen to get where one wants to go.

Some new gesture controls have been made available to this version. In order to activate the gestures on Pixel devices or other phone devices, like Asus Zenfone 5Z, Essential PH-1, LG G8 ThinQ, OnePlus 6T, Realme 2 Pro, Oppo Reno etc, and some steps should be kept in mind.

Before activating the gesture feature in Android Q, first of all, one would need to download and install the latest Android Q Beta software on the device.

Once installed on the selected device, following steps need to be followed. They are mentioned below:

1.One would need to select and open the Settings app, then one should head to the “System” option.

2.Once the System option is clicked, one would then need to click “Gestures,” then one would need to select the “System navigation” option.

3.After selecting the ‘System Navigation’ users can stick on the “Fully gestural navigation,” which will replace the navigation buttons with a long, thin line along the bottom of the screen.

In case you decide to revert to either the two- or three-button layout, you would just need to follow the same steps again to switch back.

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