A War Room Has Been Set to Fight Misinformation before Europe’s Parliamentary Elections

With Europe’s Parliamentary elections nearing later this month, Facebook has established an operations room to keep an eye on misinformation, fake accounts, and election interference that breaches the site’s rules, as per reports of a leading daily. The push is designed to avert the types of wide-scale campaigns that could influence elections.

As per reports, the room is similar to the room that Facebook created way back in October 2018 before the 2018 midterm elections in the United States, and elections in Brazil, which the company locked at the end of November.

Facebook also established a similar centre in Delhi, before this year’s elections in India. The reports stated that this new room, based at Facebook’s European headquarters in Ireland, would remain open through the duration of the forthcoming elections, which would be held between 23rd and May 26th.

In January, Facebook declared a line of new tools that it would later start in March, devised to “help avoid foreign intervention in the approaching elections and make political advertising on Facebook more translucent.

It has been pointed that the room is staffed with “around 40 people,” which consist of native speakers of “all 24 official EU languages.” The different team members take a look into the material and make a suggestion as to whether or not it should be removed.

The reports pointed that the company still has issues locating and removing bad actors, referring to a campaign that Facebook removed in Spain recently before the election. Facebook’s systems didn’t locate the campaign, and Facebook’s head of cyber security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, cited that Facebook isn’t able to handle the problem on their own.

He defined that the company is tackling abuse in two ways: by using artificial intelligence so that it becomes difficult for bad actors to exploit its systems, and to delete those accounts fast.

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