Want To Avoid Avengers: Endgame and GOT Spoilers? Try These Hacks

Are you a bit pissed off with the Internet and social media platforms, getting flooded with spoilers, which you couldn’t watch yet? While Thanos and the Night King might be the biggest enemies in their respective universe, but presently the internet seems to be the greatest villain.
Obviously, a die-hard fan of the GOT, which is in its eighth and final season or Avengers: Endgame, would desperately want to avoid the spoilers and trolls at any cost before getting the chance to watch them on the screens.
However, insensitive people flood their Facebook page with spoiler alerts, without realizing that they are spoiling the expectation of others. Even URL can also contain spoilers. Moreover, trolls embedded spoilers in unrelated content can be more frustrating. However, you won’t need to worry. There are many methods that would allow Marvel fans and GOT fans to stay away from spoilers.
Spoiler Protection 2.0
This extension is available for free. It can be installed on Google Chrome and Firefox. Once it’s installed, by clicking on the extension would open up a window that allows customizing it. The page allows users to add specific keywords to block, along with the action that one wants to do. For instance, one can turn off the images and videos associated with that keyword.
It also allows to block online the entire content depend on the keywords that the users add. It is available for Facebook, Firefox, and Safari. The tool can censor headlines and block images.
Spoilers Blocker
While blocking spoilers on the browser is very easy, for mobile devices it might not be easy. Well, with Spoilers Blocker one can block the spoilers from popping up on the phone.
Following these methods can help one to avoid the spoilers until watching it on screens.

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