The US Should Come Together For the Democracy Protection from Misinformation: Former CSO of Facebook

Alex Stamos, who stepped down from the role of Chief Security Officer at Facebook recently, stated that the social media platform could have responded to the interference which has been done by Russia on Facebook before. He also mentioned that the issue which has been talked about for more than some days is much larger than Facebook. He is also of the opinion that Congress should update the laws in regard to the political advertisers and social media users who need to adjust with the environment of the media in which more than a dozen of gatekeepers also cannot control information that is worthy of news.
He added Facebook along with other tech companies did make a number of mistakes in the year 2016. He also said that they were so much captivated with the utility of their own products that they did not bother to think about that may come. They also had a difficult time to see how the tools of them can be misused. He specifically calls out Facebook, that the company has spent more time trying to minimize the issue. He is also of the opinion that they should have responded to the threats felt by them much before so that they the disclosure of the issue can be handled in a manner that is more transparent.
The Former CSO of Facebook, Alex Stamos, also noted that there is much blame to be given to the company for the issue. Some of them that were faced by the social media platform about the Russian cyber-warfare were the ones that obstructed the community of the US intelligence. The government of the US did not bother to do much so that they can help them afterwards. Some of the important media outlets also played major roles for campaigns for online disinformation with the reporting and said that the tech companies are not at all equipped to understand the geopolitical threats.

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