US Apparently Asked By Google to Cut Back Security for Activist Workers

Google has apparently asked the US government to reduce the protection of activist employees. Google, the search engine giant has asked the National Labor Relations Board to revoke a ruling from a 2014 case. An organization named Purple Communications Inc. that permitted workers the right to use their employer’s workplace email system in order to arrange issues of their company. The news agency stated that it made use of the Freedom of Information Act appeal to get Google filings from 2017 and 2018 which asks the company to overturn that yardstick.
The Purple Communications ruling restricts companies from punishing staff for using workplace email for activities such as forming a union, passing around petitions or organizing walkouts. Google’s attorneys wrote that the case “should be overruled” and the NLRB should let companies ban such internal email use, Bloomberg reported.
According to the decree of The Purple Communications, it prohibits companies from penalizing staff for making use of workplace email for certain actions such as forming a union, passing around appeals or arranging strikes. Google’s attorneys urged that the case should be revoked and that NLRB should allow companies to forbid such internal email use.
Google is considered to be one of the most open workplaces in the world. It allows its employees to have multiple internal forums so that they communicate their views, raise worries and connect with thousands of internal communities as well as tens of thousands of email groups.
Last November, Google workers from across the globe walked out of company offices over the search giant’s approach to sexual harassment cases, especially at the executive level.
In August, it was even rumored that Project Dragonfly, a so-called Google program to develop a censored search engine for the Chinese government, caused employee protests as well as resignations, with around 1,000 workers endorsing a letter asking CEO Sundar Pichai to maintain clarity about the project.

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