UN Gives Warning On Rise of Global Hunger

According to the United Nations, the number of people who are hungry is growing once again and in large part, it is due to the climate change is harming the crop production in the much developing world. Some of the important agencies of UN also said that the number of hungry people is now facing chronic food deprivation which has increased from a rate of 821 million during the previous year from 804 million which was seen in the year 2016. Both Africa and South America have shown their worst increased to the United Nations.

The analysis which has been given by the UN found out that the variability of the climate; floods and extreme conditions of drought have decreased the rate of production in many parts of the world. They are already undermining the production of some basic crops like maize, rice, and wheat in temperate and tropical regions. The recent trend which is being seen is that the temperature can worsen the situation because of the fluctuations in the temperature; sometimes it is likely to rise and sometimes to dip, making the temperature extreme. The message delivered by the UN is frightening the world and the impact which the climate is making is real.

The reports also called for policies that could target groups that are vulnerable to the problem of malnutrition with the increase in hunger for the last three years. The vulnerable groups include children, infants, and adolescent women and girls. It also called for greater efforts for the promotion of the policies which will ultimately help the communities to build resilience. Mr. Beasley, a Trump administration nominee said that the world is failing today with a population of 7.5 million and all the wealth and technology that are available to be used by them. But it is also noticed that the rate of the adult obesity is also increasing with hunger rise in different parts of the world.


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