UK Parliament Confiscates Internal Documents Related to Facebooks Privacy and Data Decisions

The UK Parliament went for a seldom used procedure in order to force an app developer to confiscate a number of internal Facebook documents, associated with the company’s decision-making process prior the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The documents allegedly contain important disclosure on the decisions that paved the way for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

According to reports, MP Damian Collins, who chairs the Parliament’s Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee took action after Facebook officials constantly refused to make Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg available before the committee in order to avow regarding the scandal. In the month of October, UK regulators issued £500,000 fine against Facebook.

The founder of defunct app developer Six4Three is in the process of suing the company alleged that the social media company used various methods in order to obtain information about the users, like text messages and location data with the help of misleading privacy and data control. Facebook stated that the case has no merit and used California law to protect the court documents.

When the founder of Six4Three arrived in London, Parliamentary officials moved to confiscate the documents; Parliamentary Serjeant at Arms went to his hotel with a directive to get hold of the documents. On failing to get hold of the documents, he was warned thet he faces the risk of fines and jail time.

The documents in question allegedly include e-mails between senior Facebook officials, including Mark Zuckerberg. Six4Three asserts that Facebook intentionally created the flaws that allowed Data Analytics Company like Cambridge Analytica to utilize the personal data of millions of users.

Facebook in their statement reported that the materials seized by the DCMS committee hinges on a protective order of the San Mateo Superior Court, limiting the disclosure. It has asked the committee to abstain from inspecting and return the documents to Facebook.

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