Twitch Takes Legal Action to Expose Trolls That Flooded Site with Violent and Pornographic Streams

Twitch, the Amazon-owned game streaming platform is impeaching anonymous trolls who posted dozens of harmful and illegal content, including the Christchurch shooting, on the platform late last month. If the company gets the chance to learn about the identities of these people, they plan to urge the court to stop them from using the platform and compel them to pay for the damages caused.

Last month, the videos were posted by an organized group of trolls in Twitch’s Artifact category, who are named in the suit as John and Jane Does 1-100. Apart from the video filmed by the Christchurch shooter, trolls also transmitted porn, copyrighted movies and television shows, and other illicit and harmful content.

A Twitch spokesperson in a statement stated over the weekend of 25th May, the company became well-informed of a number of accounts getting involved in a collaborated attack aiming the ‘Artifact’ game directory to share content that excessively violates their terms of service. The spokesperson stated that they have worked with exigency to remove the distressing content and suspend all accounts associated in this behavior, and are taking steps to avert this from happening in their service in the future.

The spokesperson even stated that they take these contraventions very seriously. They are following litigation to spot these bad actors, and would take all proper actions to safeguard the community.
At the time, the trolling campaign was broadly reported and resulted in Twitch deactivating new accounts from streaming for “almost two days.” Valve’s Artifact card game had been recently named Twitch’s least popular game, and trolls, looking to hop on the meme, arranged in Discord chats to troll the category.

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