Trump Endorses Executive Order In Order To Push US Investment On AI

On Monday, US President Donald Trump endorsed ther new American AI drive, which request the federal government to fund research and development for machine learning in different sectors, such as healthcare. It is one important field that the nnation needs to take a note of in order to catch-up with the global thrust for AI innovation.
Even though America might be the world leader in artificial intelligence; however, other nations from all over the world have started programs to prompt AI development. With President Trump’s signing of the initiative a high-level strategy guiding AI development within the US. However, as per the new drive, no funding has been allocated for the AI development.
According to a White House Press release, Americans have benefitted greatly from being the early developers as well as international leaders in AI. But as the pace of the AI innovation starts to increase all over the globe, America just can’t sit idle assuming that they will remain the leaders. It is important for the US that the advancements in AI is always triggered by American inventiveness.
According to the Trump administration, the goals of the AI drive is split into five key sectors:
Research and development: Federal agencies will be instructed to emohasize AI investments in their R&D budgets, and present report on how this money is spent to construct a more comprehensive overview of government investment in artificial intelligence.
Freeing resources: Federal data, algorithms, and processing power would be made available to researchers.
Ethical standards: Government bodies such as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will be told to build standards that will pilot the development of “reliable, robust, trustworthy, secure, portable, and interoperable AI systems.”
Automation: Agencies would be asked to prepare workers for changes that happen the job market sue to new technology.
International outreach: The administration wants to work with other nations on AI development, but in a way that would maintain American “values and interests.”

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