Transgender Health Care Protection to be Removed Under Trump Administration

As per recent reports, Trump administration might soon propose regulations that will allow healthcare providers and hospitals to discriminate against transgender patients. The reports suggest that Department of Health and Human Services is currently rewriting the Obamacare rule that would ensure protection of the LGBTQ.

Not much insight has been delivered into this topic as the Health and Human Services claim that the procedure is still undergoing litigation and changes. Results might be announced earliest of Friday.

In the past the Section 1557 of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act prevented discrimination based on color, race, creed, gender and sex. However, Trump administration is preparing to overwrite all these rules. Now, Trump administration is giving full power to health organization and clinics to discriminate against LGBTQ.
This is currently insinuating numerous conflicts and NGO’s and human rights are trying to deter the passage of this new rule.

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