Tim Cook Mentions ‘Technology Needs to Be Regulated or It Can Cause Damage to the Society’

On 23rd April, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that for the average person to have their data privacy safe, technology needs to be controlled by the government.

During the Time 100 Summit which was held in New York Cook stated that they all need to be intellectually honest, and they have to accept that what they are doing isn’t working. He added that technology needs to be monitored and there are many examples where no criticism has resulted in causing great damage to society. In this context, he cited Europe’s strict GDPR data privacy rules as an example, which US legislators could slowly copy or imitate. He even pointed out that Europe can still improve depending on these rules.

Cook stated that Europe is going to come up with something. GDPR is the step that would help Europe to head in the right direction.

Also, Cook stated that Apple is also accountable for enhancing data privacy for users — a topic which recently became a part of the company’s marketing strategy also. He stated that they can’t accept the government to solve all problems. Moreover, Apple doesn’t have a PAC, which means an organization that can help in funding political candidates.

Cook emphasized that the company donates zero to political candidates.

Cook states he thinks individual donations are more transparent than a PAC, mentioning that he personally makes donations to causes he trusts in.

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