Things That One Can Expect at Google I/O 2019

Google’s annual I/O developer conference would kick off from 7th May, Tuesday but the annual developer conference would continue till 9th May. A keynote speech from CEO Sundar Pichai and from other executives of the company would be there.

At the I/O developer conference, Google would be giving a sketch on the features and improvements that would be coming to Android, Google Assistant, and many other apps and services of the company.

This year is going to be very different as Google is swearing to announce two new Pixel smartphones during the I/O presentation, add many more things. Some of the things that can be expected from Tuesday’s I/O developer’s conference are slated below:

Pixel 3A and 3A XL
Google’s upcoming midrange smartphones Pixel 3A would start at $399; on the larger Pixel 3A XL would be available at $479. Both devices would offer camera performance that’s basically at par with the flagship Pixel 3 phones for much less cost.

Nest Hub Max
Google ahead of time, revealed a larger, Nest-branded take on the company’s Home Hub smart display. The Nest Hub Max presents a 10-inch screen and stereo speakers. Much else about this Hub Max is not known; however one thing on which an emphasis is given is that it might use same software as Google Assistant. The Hub Max would take on home security characterestic that the camera-less Home Hub is simply incapable of.

Android Q Preview
Already a couple of beta releases into Google’s development of Android Q has taken place; however, possible the company has been saving on some big announcements for I/O. well, the next major release of Android would offer more flexible privacy controls. From a dark mode, color themes and responsive sharing menu – users can expect much more thing in betas.

Google Stadia
More details about Google’s cloud gaming service might be expected at I/O developer conference.

Google Assistant and Google Lens
Some advancement would be made to Google Assistant and for Google Lens, it would turn the camera of Android phones would turn to powerful vision tools.

Many more announcements can be expected at I/O developer conference. Only time would tell about the big announcements.

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