Things to Expect from Google Pixel 3 Event

Apple had its moment just last month. Thus, now it is the turn of Google to show off its new hardware. On 9th October, Google is going to hold on for unveiling its recent product in Pixel, Chromecast lines, and Home. It is going to be Google’s chance to surprise the customers prior to the holidays and to answer the competitors. In the last few weeks, Apple has announced two new iPhones and Amazon has revealed a new range of Alexa products. The event is going to show what Google will be doing to gain an edge or if it is going to quite this year for Google hardware.
There have been many leaks this year. Thus, there is a good idea of the breadth of the new features and devices that is to be expected at the 9th October event. Here are some of the items that you might see and things that Google is going to put up as a surprise. If you have to get the details you can Tuesday at the 11 am ET for following the event kickoffs.

The obvious one is that it is October. Thus, Google is going to release another pair of phones. The Pixel 3 and 3 Xl has been leaked thoroughly. However, here is a gist on what you should expect, large screens with almost identical designs. Overall, the upgrades are somewhat modest but Google is expected to add some new software magic like it did last year.

Pixel Charging Stand
As it is adding wireless charging to Pixel 3, Google will also put a wireless charging stand for it, as per the number of leaks. It appears like the stand is going to prop the phone up as it will charge so that you are able to see the screen. Then the phone is going to display the information such as the upcoming calendar event or scroll through photos which sits there.


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