Things to Expect From the Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is going to use the F8 developer conference in order to discuss about the future of his social network. This time around, he’ll probably use it to address its present problems.

Zuckerberg stated that Facebook’s mission is to provide people the power to construct a community and bring the world very close together. Devices, such as its Oculus line of virtual reality headsets, would help to attain that end by making experience more engaging, as if one is with their family or friends.

However, the long list of scandals in which Facebook is getting involved has derailed its goals. So Zuckerberg will probably going to use his April 30 crucial speech to show the public, as well as more and more vigilant legislators, that he can get the world’s biggest social network on the right track.

F8 would be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and it would end on 1st May.
Things to Expect

1. During the F8 conference, panels would be discussing about the social network’s messaging app. As this year’s theme is ‘conversion about technology and human connection’. So this year, one can get to know how Messenger plans to assist people in connecting with friends as well as businesses.

2. On the issue of privacy and security, Facebook’s track record isn’t very good. Last year, one came to know that Facebook had stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text. Even though Facebook stated that no data could be accessed but it’s not a relief. Hence F8 can serve as a great opportunity for Facebook to show what the company is doing to fix the changes.

3. Facebook isn’t giving up on VR. So the social networking platform would be live streaming the F8 keynote in VR through Oculus Venues. Two new VR headsets might be launched at F8.

Still the whole focus would be on Mark Zuckerberg and how he deals with the problem.

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