The Tale of a Toss: A World Cup Dream of Pakistan

Who had thought that the world cup dream of the Pakistan team would depend on the result of a single toss?
From the beginning of the game, coin toss has been an integral part of cricket. With the flip of the coin, the teams take the batting and bowling decisions. Tossing plays so important factor in some games that you can guess the fate of the match depending on the result of the coin toss. That is why ICC is thinking about banning the practice of coin-flipping all together.

The game of Friday is going to be one of the rarest occasions where tossing will decide the fate of the Pakistani team. On the chart of World Cup Pakistan has acquired the fifth position with a total of 9 points. However, the team still has got a chance to win the fourth position of the Semi-finals. To get that place, Pakistan has to gain 2 points to be equal to team New Zealand.

The problem is the net run rate. Right now, Pakistan has a negative run rate of -0.792, whereas, New Zealand has a positive net run rate of +0.175. In this situation, Pakistan has to win the Friday’s match as well as the toss. If Bangladesh wins the toss, Pakistan will invariably lose the chance of getting into the final four.

Saying that, it will need more than a miracle for Pakistan to win the fourth place even if they win the toss and bat first. They have to score 350 runs and beat Bangladesh by 311. The other options are more unrealistic than that. Till now, no team in this tournament has won a game with a 300 runs lead. So, even if Pakistani Captain wins the toss, leapfrogging to the semi-finals can still be a dream to them.

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