Technical Glitch Revealed the Tagging System of Facebook

Do you remember the movie The Matrix? How Neo, the hero of the film, could see raining lines of falling codes? Well, it might not be that fascinating, but the recent outage of Facebook has given a remarkable insight into the workings of the AI tagging system of the social network giant.

Due to the technical glitch, the uploaded images of the site are replaced with the AI tags through which the network recognizes people. The tags, which are appearing in place of your photos on Facebook, are giving you a sneak peek in the technological world of the company’s machine vision system. In short, the tags are the totality of your online existence.

Do you feel it’s funny? Well, not so much. Technical experts are guessing that Facebook uses all these AI tags to gather data about people and places. The problem is, whether Facebook uses this data for target advertisements is still not clear. The images on Facebook contain some data that you might otherwise want to hide from the internet. For example, if you have a pet, where is your favorite holiday destination, or who are your family members.

Facebook is employing this tagging system for a long time. Since April 2016 Facebook is using their AI to recognize the faces of the participants in a photo. It was a part of the accessibility efforts of the company. These tags were meant to describe the content of photos to users with visual impairment.

The indignity of the Twitterati on this event explains that many people were still unaware of this AI tagging system. Despite all these frustrations and outrage, this event gave us an exciting understanding of the improvement in machine vision technology.

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