Suspicious Reviews Litters Amazon UK Website from Unknown Sources

Handling fake and suspicious reviews is nothing new for a company like Amazon as it had already claimed that those found guilty in such works would be going through severe punishments. However, this recent incident this time in Amazon UK has shown that Amazon is still lacking somewhere when it comes to managing the speculation of fake and false reviews.

A Britain based consumer goods review site Which? conducted an investigation for multiple product categories including dash cams, headphones and smartwatches and fitness trackers. It has been revealed that the product list in Amazon UK had a massive number of probable fake reviews.

The review site gave a precise explanation using the example of the headphone category. The results found that the first page of the top rated list was completely dominated by the relatively less or unknown brands. It was also found that unknown brands had positive but unverified reviews mostly posted in quick successions.

Another point of suspicion is that some of the reviews often referred to complete different products except the headphones, including soap dispensers. The headphone category included 71 per cent of products with perfect five-star ratings.

Although this matter is yet to gain light at its peak, one thing that it clearly shows is that the issue of fake review is still not under control. The report said that Amazon was still struggling to control the problem of fake reviews.

Amazon said in a statement that it invests on potential resources for protecting the authenticity of the reviews and in case it finds any misconduct it would be taking sever legal actions against them. Amazon also said that it uses both automated technologies and teams of investors for detection and removal of fake reviews.

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