Study Shows Female Led Movies Offer Meaningful Boost to Box Office Budget

In comparison to male-led movies, a study has revealed that women led movies for any budget level can offer a considerable hike to the box office.

A research firm CAA and tech firm Shift7 after examining 350 films that were released during the January 2014 and December 2017, the organizations found that around 105 of them recorded women for the press notes, billion blocks, and even for the distributor issued final credits.

Covering five budget categories (below $10M; $10M to $30M; $30M to $50M; $50M to $100M; and $100M plus, it was seen that the titles with female printed titles on an average outgrossed male-led rivals.

The margin was enormous in the higher cost brackets. Among films amounting $50 million to $100 million, multinational box office for women-led films came at an average of $318 million in comparison with $243 million for men. For the high budget category of $100 million and up, women-led titles obtained $586 million in comparison to $514 million for men.

CAA and Shift7 worked together with the goal to boost the way women on screen are portrayed. Former chairman of Sony Pictures stated that the revelation from the study is a proof enough of the fact that the audiences want to see everyone on screen. Hence, Hollywood’s decision makers need to pay a heed to these facts. Also, Megan Smith, CEO of Shift7 and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer mirrored the same view.

Along with the box office of female-led movies, the research firm evaluated the commercial performance of films that passed the Bechdel Test. The test is a measure of the portrayal of women in film, other fictional works, as well as in television. Films that passed the test tries to benchmark whether the film has many women who speak to each other onscreen about topics except men performed better than films that didn’t follow that standard.

Since 2012, all films which passed $1 billion in global box office have successfully passed the Bechdel Test.

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