Stadia Games Can Be Played Even If the Publishers Don’t Support the Platform, says Google

The FAQ page for the forthcoming Stadia loud gaming service has been updated by Google. In fact, the updated page now includes some new information. Google stated that in a rare case if a game publisher pulls Stadia support for a title, Stadia would continue to make the game available to those who have purchased the license to stream it.

If one takes a close look into the FAQ page, one gets to see that it’s written in case one buys the game, one gets the right to play the game. Even in the future, if some games are no longer available for new purchases; still, the existing players would be able to play that game title. Apart from unexpected circumstances, Stadia would try to retain any formerly purchased title available for gameplay.

It might sound like a particular scenario, but it’s not an improbable one. There could be a case in which a publisher opts to experiment with Stadia and later on adjudge cloud gaming isn’t something it’s interested in traversing. Or, in the more plausible event, a competing cloud gaming provider, such as Microsoft, could bid Google for streaming exclusivity on a title that eventually ends up forcing it off Stadia after its release.

As Google is offering both a subscription model, called Stadia Pro, which bundles free games next to direct full game purchases, which means customers might lose access to a product they’ve legally paid for and own in the event of a publisher fallout.

Stadia, a cloud gaming service streams the software from a remote server. Hence, it’s sensible to think access is tied to a publisher’s relationship with Google, instead of the more traditional comfort of a disc or a digitally downloaded copy. In some cases, such as with PC game Star Origins: Control earlier this year and Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake; games have been pulled from digital stores, basically over licensing and copyright issues.

To allay the fears, Google is essentially saying that it won’t allow something like that happen. Well, Google is giving itself a room with the phrase unexpected circumstances.

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