Spielberg’s Ready Player One Better than the Book

The new film directed by Steven Spielberg named Ready Player One is better than the original book from where the story-line has been adapted. The book is written in such a way that, the writer assumes that readers find everything in the book uber cool. The writer has jotted down some of the favorite things of Wade that makes him appealing to the readers. But Spielberg has done the same. He has featured the same car but did not make the audience go through the Wade talks. In this directorial venture of Spielberg he just ends an action packed scene abruptly which holds prominent meaning.
Ready Player One has been has been scripted by Cline and Zak Penn. The cinematography has been done by Robert Zemeckis. The story takes places in a virtual world called OASIS. In the book the story line is slow paced and everything is described in detail. But that is not the case in the film. The story-line in the film hardly slows down to explain. The film has significantly improved rather than the book and will have the support of the hardcore pop-culture crowd largely.
The story is set in the year of 2045 where most of the people are living in poverty. The elaborate voice-over used in the film is excellent and explains the story-line of the film quite easily. The book written by Cline assumes that everybody reading it will know how cool DeLorean is. Even the film made by Spielberg narrates the story in the same manner where the protagonist of the film is young and loves to play video games. The characters in the book are drawn thinly, but in the movie every character is described in detail.
When the book and the film are compared, the film holds an upper hand. In the book the explanation of the theory was bald, but in the film it is dynamic.


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