SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Lands All Three Boosters for the First Time

For the first time ever, after the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rockets, the company managed to land all three rocket boosters back on Earth successfully. The two outer cores of the rocket boosters landed on SpaceX’s two concrete landing pads at Cape Canaveral; while another core landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The rocket took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday just after 6 pm ET. The rocket delivered a costly communication satellite into the orbit for Saudi Arabia- based firm Arabast.

It’s the first time that SpaceX landed all three rocket cores from one Falcon Heavy flight. Also, in 2018, the two outer cores came back to Earth in one piece. However, the centre core failed to land on one of the company’s remote-controlled platform i.e. drone ship due to fuel shortage. Instead, it crashed into the ocean at 300 miles per hour. The synchronized booster landing became the iconic image of the launch.

This year, SpaceX was able to successfully make the three landings of the rocket boosters. The all three boosters for the flight were upgraded version of SpaceX’s rockets, were known as Block 5. This version has been designed to modify reusability. Hence, it would become easy for SpaceX to land the vehicles and again use it for future flights.

SpaceX tried these kinds of landings over four years ago with its Falcon 9 rocket boosters. The first attempt at sea (in January 2015) ended in a spectacular fireball after the booster crashed into the drone ship. The second so-called landing was in April 2015, and the booster almost made it, but ultimately tipped over and blasted.

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