SpaceX for the Time Being Is Going To Build Its Starship in Texas

Presently, SpaceX is going to assemble and also test its Starship prototype in Texas instead of California. SpaceX the aerospace company which is managed by CEO Elon Musk cancelled his lease with the Port of Los Angeles. He made this statement through his Twitter account. This decision of Musk is another blow to the local economy and it comes days after the company stated that it would carry out huge dismissal of employees. However, the decision to opt for Texas over California for building test versions of Mars spaceship is in order to streamline the operations.

SpaceX was considering to construct a new facility in order to build its massive new vehicle that has been devised to take people to the moon, Mars or even deeper into the solar system. A statement from the company stated that in order to simplify the operations, SpaceX is working on and will test the Starship test vehicle at the company’s site in south Texas.  However, this decision won’t have any effect on the present manufacture, design, and launch operations in Hawthorne and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Furthermore, SpaceX would be carrying out recovery operations of our reusable Falcon rockets and Dragon spacecraft at the Port of Los Angeles.

SpaceX and Musk were recently displaying the development of the Starship “hopper” prototype in Texas, which is set to start short test flights this year. Musk described via Twitter post that its prototypes are being built in Texas as SpaceX has a launch site there.

Moreover, the lease that the company had with the Port of Los Angeles would have permitted SpaceX to develop a manufacturing facility on a 19-acre land on the historic Terminal Island. It planned for the huge assembled rockets to be then transported via barge and the Panama Canal to Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The simplifying move also comes soon after the company, based in the Los Angeles area, declared that it would be terminating 10% of its employees in order to become a leaner company.


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