SpaceX Is In Contact With All But Lost Contact with Three of Its Starlink Internet Satellites

SpaceX just offered a series of significant updates on the launch of its first five dozen internet providing satellites. However, one question that SpaceX is facing presently is how the internet satellites are fairing a month after it was fired to orbit. As per reports, the company is in contact with 57 of the 60 initial broadband satellites. Even though, the company is not sure of what happened to those three faulty satellites. Earlier, SpaceX was able to contact with all 60 spacecraft after launch, but lost communication with three outliers. The 3 uncommunicative satellites would continue to orbit the Earth for a time and would fall to Earth as gravity pulls them down.

According to the company, 45 of the satellites have lifted their altitudes with their onboard thrusters and have reached their final intended orbits of 342 miles up. 5 of the satellites are still in the middle of elevating their orbits, and another five are experiencing additional systems checks before they raise their orbits. For the remaining two satellites, SpaceX deliberately launched their onboard thrusters with the aim of crashing them into the planet’s atmosphere.

This indicates that five total satellites are heading into a fiery grave. SpaceX in a statement stated that because of their design and low orbital position, all five deorbiting satellites would derelict once they enter Earth’s atmosphere in support of SpaceX’s pledge to a clean space environment.

These 60 satellites, which were fired on May 23rd, were just the first of almost 12,000 satellites that SpaceX intends to put into orbit around Earth. The company got the permission from the Federal Communications Commission to set off one batch of 4,409 satellites, followed by another constellation of 7,518. The space probe is supposed to fly in a relatively low orbit above the planet and transmit internet coverage to the ground below, offering service to all areas of the globe.

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