Shareholder Files Lawsuit Alleging Google Tried To Cover Up the Sexual Misconduct of Executives

Recently, Google investors filed a case against Google’s parent company Alphabet, contending that the company had contravened from its duty towards investors. The company approved a large exit package for its former executive, regales the allegation of sexual misconduct brought up against him. As per investigation, Google’s parent company Alphabet made a payout of $90 million to Android co-founder Andy Rubin. The investigation showed that even there were solid accusations of sexual misconduct; the whole thing was covered up by Google.
Alphabet shareholder James Martin filed a lawsuit in the San Mateo Superio Court on Thursday morning. He alleges that the leaders of the company utilized huge allowances to ill-behaved executives in order to mask the harassment scandal. Rubin along with Google’s former head of search Amit Singhal amidst the harassment accusations left the company quietly in 2016. Only in the following year, the harassment was made public.
The litigation request three new independent directors for the Alphabet board, and bring an end to the dual-class voting structure of the stock, this act would hugely reduce the power hold by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It also demands that the executives who received payments to return them to the company. It also inquires about unspecified financial loss.
In October, it was reported that Amit Singhal, who previously ran Google search, had also accepted an exit package worth millions of dollars after he was blamed of fondling an employee during a work event. However, both have dismissed any kind of action.
Louise Renne, one of the lawyers who registered the lawsuit, stated that the board of directors should stand up and take some action against the wrongdoing as Google always support to do the right thing.
Fury over the discovery led over 20,000 employees to walk off from their job in November. Google workers negotiated with executives to bring an end to strained settlement in cases of harassment and discrimination; public report of sexual harassment in the company; and other yielding. Google agreed to close forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment, a move that was taken by other tech companies, like Facebook.

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