Several Screens of Galaxy Fold Smartphones Are Reportedly Breaking

The next big thing in the world of mobile technology is the Galaxy Fold smartphone. This device comes with foldable displays. Although, this premium foldable smartphone from the house of Samsung hasn’t been released for the mass market; yet, some lucky few have been able to get access to this device for reviews and hands-on-experience. According to reports, some review units have broken down after some days of use.

Mark Gruman on Wednesday tweeted that after two days of use the interior and folding screen of the Galaxy fold review units got totally broken and was not in usable condition. He further stated that the problem might have occurred due to the removal of a layer of film. He removed the protective film which he was not supposed to remove and it might have lead to the problem.

Samsung stated that its phone “is made with a special protective layer,” to cover the plastic Infinity Flex display. As it’s not a screen protector, one shouldn’t try to remove it. A leading technology news site has been handling and reviewing the Galaxy Fold since Monday but hasn’t experienced any such issues with the screen. They didn’t remove the protective layer.

The $1,980 phone comes with two screens: a 4.6-inch one on the exterior that looks like a prototypical smartphone screen and a second, folding screen on the interior, which opens up to create a 7.3-inch display. It’s one of a number of foldable phones set that is going to come to the market from manufacturers including Huawei and Motorola.

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