Saving the Planet Might Cost $100 Billion Per Year

Safeguarding the diversity and abundance of life on the earth might cost $100 billion a year, according to some scientists. Scientists have suggested policy in order to prevent another mass extinction event on the planet.

In Earth’s history, there have been five mass extinctions. Scientists now believe that society must critically come to the clasp this coming decade to avert the very first human-made biodiversity calamity. Ecologist Greg Asner, of Arizona State University in the U.S. on the occasion of Earth day, gave this statement.

Mr Asner is one of 19 international authors who has come up with a bold new science policy suggestion to overturn the tide, called “A Global Deal for Nature”. The policy’s mission is to protect the variety and bounty of life on the earth — with the price amount of $100 billion a year.

Societal investment in the GDN plan would, for the first time, assimilate and carry out climate and nature deals on a global scale to avert human upheaval and biodiversity loss.

While the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was the first major accord to take global action toward climate change policies, the international teams of GDN scientists rely on a similar companion pact is seriously needed to start the very first global nature conservation plan in order to meet with these challenges.

Eric Dinerstein, from the U.S.-based nongovernmental organization Resolve, stated that the Global Deal for Nature is a time-bound, science-based plan to protect the diversity and abundance of life on Earth. Attaining the milestones and targets of the Global Deal for Nature is the best gift that can be offered to future generations—an environmental reset, a pathway to an Eden 2.0.

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