Samsung to Update Its Galaxy S10’s Bright Night Feature with Manual Controls

Samsung has announced of updating its Galaxy S10’s Bright Night camera feature into a dedicated Night mode. This feature would enable the inbuilt camera to automatically activate the night mode while capturing shots in low light. However, this system is automatic and the camera used its own algorithms to determine when to activate the mode leaving users with little or no control.

Samsung has now decided to roll on an update in this feature changing the Bright night camera feature into a dedicated night mode where the users will have the provision of using it manually. This means once the new feature rolls out to the customers, they would enjoy the additional feature of a new night mode. The new night mode feature can be activated by swiping unlike the other similar camera modes such as Panorama or even the Instagram modes.

One of the major confusing areas in the Galaxy S10 was the absence of a manual night camera mode. Other similar devices in the competition such as Pixel 3 allow users to control the long exposure mode for themselves. The absence of this similar feature in S10 is something that users found difficult to accept.

The new update is currently available in Switzerland and is yet to roll out to the rest of the world. Some experts say that Samsung still has a lot to improve on its algorithm side in terms of picture quality. They said that Pixel 3 showed even better performance when compared to S10.

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