Samsung Reveals Key Specification for Upcoming Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has taken off the wraps from its new Infinity Flex Display phone, the first foldable gadget from the company which transforms into a tablet from a phone into a tablet. Samsung says that it plans on going into mass production for the display in a matter of months but they don’t really know much of anything regarding this beyond the short glimpse that they got on stage that day. It is a complete mystery what it is going to cost. Moreover, they know very little about the software functions. They just know the different display orientation that it supports.
At a session this afternoon, Samsung has revealed some new information regarding the planned device that includes screen size, pixel density, and also the aspect ratio in folded, as well as unfolded modes.
Pixel density is standard 420 ppi. However, this is not the highest out there but it is completely fine. The resolution when folded is 840 x 1960 but it will become 1526 x 2152 when unfolded. The aspect rations are the more interesting specifications. The phone version of Infinity Flex has 4.58-inch display with the ratio of 21: that can make it the tallest device that is going to be available in the market and also one of the greatest screens for the purpose of playing games, viewing video, and anything like that. The tablet, unfolded version is clearly the prime mode for those kinds of activities since it has more standard aspect ratio and screen size of about 7.3 inches.
There is still a lot that people do not know about how the device is going to work and how iterations it is going to take for Samsung or some other phone developers to nail this factor. However, Google has announced its foldable so the initial software support will already be there and it is going to become strong over time.

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