Did Samsung Postpone the launch of its Fold Phone in China?

Samsung has reportedly planned to postpone the launch of its Galaxy Fold Smartphone in China. People familiar with the news said that the sudden delay was due to an issue caused regarding the venue. However, no other official reason for the cancellation of the launch was provided by the company.

Media sources said via social media sites that the event that was planned to take place in Shanghai and Hong Kong were scheduled to take place this week but now they have been postponed. They said that they have been trying to reach out to Samsung for further comments regarding the matter.

It is suspected that the news of broken devices just after using it for a couple of days and several other issues and defects have lead Samsung to postpone the launch in the country. Some of the issues reported were the issues with the hinge and also broken screens just within usage for a couple of days. Accidental removal of the protective covers from the screens was also reported.

Following the reports of the news about its faulty parts, Samsung issued a statement of inspecting the units in person thoroughly for determining the cause of the matter. Despite the delay in China, Samsung has indicated to carry on with the plans of launching the same device in the United States towards the end of this month.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone is the highest profile foldable phone to have hit the market worth $1,980 that has hit the market so far. However, the reports about the faults and defects immediately after the launch of the device are potentially a major setback for Samsung.

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