Russian Banned Blacklisted Sites Removed by Google’s from Search Results

Recently as per the reports of local Russian newspaper, Vedomosti, Google removed approximately 70% of Russian blacklisted website as instructed by the government’s communications agency.
The agency, namely Roskomnadzor issued the petition of the removal of certain ‘harmful’ sites ever since 2017. Initially, the agency even drew critic for pressing state censorship as per the Moscow Times. Currently, the sites that are blacklisted by Roskomnadzor mainly consist of suicide information, child pornography, and drug abuse incidents.
In the beginning, as per the claims of the newspaper, Google did not comply with the demands. In fact, Google’s claims, they were simply doing their task of ensuring that Russian citizens were offered the benefit of accessing information on various topics from around the globe. This led to Roskomnadzor issuing a fine of $7,500 on Google last year. Further, with Google’s refusal to comply, numerous other countries around the globe started questioning Google’s ethics and censorship boards. Facing intense scrutiny and pressure from lawmakers, Google finally decided to abide by the claims of the Russian Government.
Currently, to prevent the issue from escalating and creating troubles, the search giant as per the latest news, removed 70% of Russian blacklisted websites.

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