Once Rivals, Microsoft and Sony Team Up for Cloud-Based Gaming and Streaming Services

Over the decades, Sony and Microsoft have been locked in a war against each other. However, last week, it appeared that Microsoft and Sony have placed their enmity aside and announced to work together. The news of their partnership surprised the whole world as the news meant that the companies would be working jointly to develop future cloud solutions for gaming and content streaming services.

While both companies have spent over 15 years fighting it out over PlayStation and Xbox sales, Sony is now looking to Microsoft’s extensive cloud experience to aid power its present and future streaming services, and Microsoft is collaborating with a rival to beat far bigger gaming threats.

It came as a big surprise for both Xbox and PlayStation fans. As per reports, the pact even shocked Sony’s own PlayStation team, which allegedly wasn’t made aware of the talks. Since last year, discussions between the firms have been going on and Sony has started to display that it is ready to work with Microsoft and others.

The declaration appears to have been induced by one thing is certain: Google’s unveiling of its Stadia cloud streaming service. Google is planning to support its immensely popular YouTube platform to allow people to click and immediately play games in their browsers or on their phones. This move has apparently disturbed both Microsoft and Sony.

Sony has offered its own PlayStation Now streaming service for years; it hasn’t significantly changed since its launch. Sony still earns most of its PlayStation revenue through game sales to console owners, and that business seems to be under threat. Presently, Sony has turned to Microsoft for help, rather than its competitors like Google or Amazon. While the agreement between Sony and Microsoft seems very simple, but it’s deeper than one might think it to be.

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