Remember The Confidentiality Agreement: Tesla’s Letter To The Employees

In an attempt to barrage the problems of leakage, Tesla has given a subtly threatening letter to its employees. The letter, subjected as the Confidentiality Reminder, states that the company will search for the secret leaking employees and punish them. Though the letter did not say these words directly, it gave examples of former employees who have already been punished or served the summons.

The letter, circulated by the security team of Tesla, has expectedly created some skittishness among the employees. Some of them do not like the news of felony charges and lawsuits along with firing all too well. In the letter, the company has talked about an employee who has been accused of stealing secret company information and then using it to leapfrog into one of the competitors. The letter stated that the company has taken steps against the former employee by suing him. Another employee of the company, who shared some confidential phone number in social media, has been fired.

The letter reminds the employees about the virtue of the confidentiality agreement that they have signed. The company stated that it would take all necessary actions to stop this malpractice from becoming prevalent among the employees.

This blitzkrieg attempt of stopping the employees from leaking the information is just another addition to the long list of such attempts. The irony is that this information and the letter were also confidential, and it had been leaked in the media nonetheless.

In past, Google had taken the same steps to stop the employees from leaking future plans beforehand. The company, in fact, sent a detailed letter about how they will hunt the employees down. Last year, Apple had also taken similar steps. In a leaked email it has been stated how 12 employees of the company had been arrested for leaking information. After the leak of internal information on Facebook, the employees of the company castigated the leakers in their internal forum. The conversation of that forum had also been leaked.

Secrecy is one of the most important aspects of Silicon Valley companies. Many of the companies employ corporate spies to their competitors in order to know their trade secret. So, it is not astonishing that each company has employed some tactics to find the rotten egg before a major storm strikes them. Many companies employ mouse traps which means information filled USBs to find such leaks. This mouse traps also ensures good behavior on behalf of the general employees.

Tesla is currently going through a lot. According to market experts, the company is trying to gather money for its future endeavours. The recent trade war between America and China had also put some dents on the business aspects of the company. A Nikkei report has suggested that tensions are brewing between Tesla and its largest battery supplier, Panasonic. Along with all that, it might not be possible for the company to start its driverless cars in China.

All this news, however, got drowned by this latest development. For years, all the companies in the silicon valley are trying to solve the problems related to the leaked information. However, you won’t be Tesla, if you don’t stop your employees from sharing information in social media like Twitter (which is heavily used by Ellon Musk, the CEO of Tesla) and Facebook (which is abhorred by Musk).

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