Real Meaning of Disney Fox Deal for Hollywood

The imminent procurement of 21st Century Fox by Walt Disney always remained a topic of debate. However, a real question remains that if the acquisition is having any real meaning for the film industry and Hollywood.
It’s not any secret that on 14th December, 2017, Disney acquired some important Fox assets with huge price money. After that, the entertainment industry tries to look after the prospects of the deal and whether it would benefit them.
Though no details of the deal was officials announced rumors started to boil about the possible buyouts for months. There was some progress as well as some setback. Comcast entered the scene and started to give competition. Both companies are augmenting their efforts to grab the deal. However, it is expected that Disney is going to win the race.
Knowing the Deal
In the year 1904, William Fox started hand-cranked film screenings in New York. The single theatre soon moved to twenty-five. Later on when Fox moved to Los Angles, it merged with 20th century pictures. Following year, many classics came to life. Disney did great with their Star War partnership. However, Disney doesn’t own all of the Fox assets. It acquired only 30% of the share in Hulu which was previously held by Fox. Thus, Disney becomes the new majority shareholder in the streaming service.
Good or Bad
Using the word ‘good’ for the Disney-Fox deal can be harsh. After all, Disney have no idea of providing business services like internet access, taking business point of view, Disney tops the game and is slowly expanding their roster of franchises. Apart from Disney’s own properties that breaks record from time to time, they have moved from Marvel to Star Wars.
However, few movies mean little choice for the consumers. Thereby, provides safe bets for the studio. In order to make the competition safer, Disney would get the chance to space out the offering accordingly.
Well, the deal is really enticing for the audiences. However, deep research might show up other results.


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