Qualcomm Risks Losing Billions over Apple’s Patent Cost Accusations

Apple and Qualcomm have been locked in a massive and serious legal fight over the past two years. This has forced to hamper the relationship between both the manufacturers. Although such kinds of fights are nothing new but this is something that was not expected by many. While Apple is one of the biggest smartphone sellers in the world, Qualcomm is among one of the biggest designers for smartphone modems and processors.

Apple has accused Qualcomm for carrying out monopolistic practices and for its demands of charging excess fees for using the patents and modems. Qualcomm, on the other hand, has blamed Apple for using the legal technologies for securing a worth deal on its technology.

The conflict is about to get its verdict this week and one pertinent question is the worth of the technology provided by Qualcomm. The duo is expected to meet at the San Diego Federal court where Qualcomm is bound to answer the accusations of Apple over its excess charges for Patents and modems and also for its unjustifiable licensing terms.

If Qualcomm fails to justify its prices on patents and modems it would risk itself to lose billions of dollars that it makes from patents and licensing.

The fights between both manufacturers have escalated in recent years. In a court filing, Apple said that without the application of the modern chips it was not possible to make the modern smartphones as they are essential to the industry-wide standards. It also said that the excessive prices set up by Qualcomm were therefore unnecessary and discriminatory. Although Qualcomm had previously agreed with the terms it did not commit to those terms completely.

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