Prior to Release Google Would Be Improving Android Q’s Gesture Navigation Feature

Before Android Q’s gets its scheduled release during the latter part of this summer, Google is going to continue its experiment with Android Q and improve its gesture-based navigation. Recently, the company moved very close to Apple iPhone X approach and it almost seems like a carbon copy. However, in order to do that, Google would need to reconsider about Android’s traditional back button.

Instead of keeping an on-screen button, Android Q would be using a swiping motion inward from any side of the screen- for the back feature.

This change immediately conflicted with the slide-out menus used in countless smartphone apps. Many of them let you tap a hamburger menu icon to access that panel; however, those icons can often be in a tough place to reach as the phones are getting bigger and bigger.

Sliding the finger to open the drawer menu is very instinctive. Now doing so would fail to load the side menus till one slide their finger diagonally.

This situation is going to become better with Android Q beta 5. Google stated that to reach slide-out menus, people using fully gestural navigation would be able to tap and hold near the edge of the screen. The menu would start to appear, at which point they can slide it all the way.
One change that one might get to see in Android Q is a new setting called ‘Black Sensitivity’. It can be set on a sliding scale.

If you are not a fan of Google’s gesture system on Pixel phones, Android Q would be offering the option to return to Android’s older three-button navigation experience. It would completely ignore the new method.

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