President Trump Announces the Fake News Award Winners

The President of the United States, Donald Trump had presented The Fakies-awards for Fake News. He had described it as the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year.

What was the Expected?

Though a huge ceremony was expected, a tweet had revealed the results of Trump’s Fake News award. Around eleven stories were selected from the tweets and opinion pieces and the selection was made. It was anticipated that the news organizations would be awarded by Trump because he had suggested that he would be giving an award to the most dishonest media organization. The awards portrayed a wide variety of stories. By going through the list mentioned below, you will get an idea about amount of reality in the fake news awards.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times

Paul Krugman had claimed on the day of trump’s historic win that the U.S. economy would never recover the landslide win. Krugman was not decisive in his remark as it had been claimed by Trump. He had only made a few probable predictions. Even though Krugman was wrong, he had never claimed that he would not be. Krugman had himself written an article where he had contradicted his previous opinions.

Brian Ross of ABC News

The report written by Brian Ross was wrong and the Republicans are not wrong in listing this news. The report contained false claims about the investigations regarding the Russian influence on the election. The report was immediately fixed by ABC News but Ross had to apologize for his mistake and was suspended.

CNN Accusing Trump and his Son for Hacking Documents

CNN had accused Trump and his son of having access to the hacked documents from WikiLeaks. This report was wrong because the documents were publicly available. Numerous news organizations had stated that this news reported by CNN was false.

TIME reported that Trump had removed the Status of Martin Luther King Jr.

This incident was reported by Zeke Miller who worked with Time then in a Twitter Post. A post was made soon after stating that the bust of Martin Luther king Jr. was never removed and had been obscured by an agent and the door.

Washington Post reported that President Trump’s Rally was Empty

Washington Post journalist Dave Weigel had posted that Trump’s sold-out rally held in Pensacola, Florida was empty. The dishonest journalist had attached a picture of the place which was taken much before the crowd started to grow.


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