Pixel Phones Are About To Get Night Sight Cameras

Think, how frustrated you become when the lights for your pictures are not just right? Most people click photos in conditions that do not offer proper light. Google has understood the problems of the users, and is a revolutionary move, have decided to incorporate night sight in the camera mode in the Pixel phones.

According to the users, this feature is already available in the leaked beta system of Android Q. In that beta, the night sight is featured as one of the most significant traits of the camera app. Users have seen that the leftmost place of panorama has been taken by night sight. The panorama title is just one more click away. The user has to click on the more options to reach to the panorama section.

The amount of advertisement of this feature could tell you the critical role this feature plays to Google. In an attempt to prove its dominance over this matter, Google has squared up its camera app with the app of iPhone XS. The camera app of the latest iPhone lacks a low light photo feature mode. It is undeniable that Huawei has bested the night sight mode. However, Google is still advertising it as a stand out feature of pixel phones.

Panorama mode of the pixel phones, on the other hand, is useful but not outstanding. Experienced photographers, on the other hand, might be disappointed at the disappeared white balance feature from the phone app. Google has never been gracious with the white balance mode. However, the mentioned feature gave users some control over the auto white balance. It would be disappointing if the final version of the app does not offer the users a chance to chose their white balance.

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