Pattern Recognition Patternizr Is Being Used By NYPD for Solving Crimes

According to the latest report by leading news daily, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) would be going to use a new software system, dubbed as Patternizr. The new software would help crime officers as well as analysts to search across a wide array of files and look for similar crime patterns.

The software system has been developed in-house i.e. by the New York Police Department. The pattern recognition software system has been housed in each of the department’s 77 precincts, in order to compare robberies, expropriation and burglary to hundreds of thousands of crimes that have been logged in the NYPD’s database. It would help the officers to look for crime patterns just with the click of a button. This system is much better than the previous one.

According to reports, the new system is much faster than the old one. In the older method, they would have to go through the older files physically and rack their brains for crucial details about different crimes. After that, they need to decide finally if it fits the pattern.

In one case, Patternizr was used by the officers in order to relate two crimes. A man used a syringe to steal a drill in two distinct Home Depots in New York City. Police quickly figures that it wasn’t a single case. A few weeks back, the same procedure was used to steal a drill in another home depot. The crime analyst stated that the pattern recognition system is a very different one, as it would help users to search for information from a wide range of database during the investigation. The system can also provide additional information from all across the NYPD.

Even though the system was rolled back in 2016, the presence of it was first disclosed in an issue of INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics. According to Evan Levine, NYPD assistant commissioner of data analytics, and former director of analytics Alex Chohlas-Wood, the department spent two years in creating the software and asserts that the NYPD is the first to use such a system in the US.

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