Original TV Shows of Apple will be Free for People who Own the Device

Apple continues to work on developing a slate of original programming which is decidedly PG in tone, reports that the future content will be available for free of cost to the customer who has Apple device. This includes iPads, iPhone, and Apple TVs.
The free show is going to be offered along with the optional add-on subscription for streaming services such as Starz and HBO Now in the newly modelled TV app as per the report. Apple plans to copy the Channels of Amazon Prime model. The only thing new here is that there are news that the company programming is going to be offered without any ost inside the overhauled TV app that is available on Apple TV and iOS when it is unveiled this year.
Apple has been investing money in the catalogue of the prime movies and TV shows which is yet to come out as it plans to compete with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Thus, there is a chance that some of the content will be free for streaming for the Apple customers. There is a perspective for Apple to launch the recurring subscription which is more in line with the rivals. It has also been reported that Apple is searching for tentpole shows which will help in building the service worth paying for. However, giving away the stuff for free at the beginning might be important if it wants to get some viewers even if it for a temporary period of time from Netflix and others.
Tim Cooks says that he has decided to shelve the Vital Signs, the series which is influenced by Dr. Dre’s story after the CEO of Apple was dismayed by sex and drug scene in the preview episode. The question is whether Apple will be able to create a must-see wholesome fun for the entire family. Sounds quite daunting.


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