For Not Removing Extremist Content EU Parliament Votes To Penalize Internet Firms

On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted to forfeit firms, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter up to 4% of their yield, if they continuously fail to remove extremist content within an hour of being asked by authorities.

The steps have been brought into keen focus since the live streaming of a lone gunman killing 50 people at two New Zealand mosques in March in one of the social networking platforms i.e. Facebook. The EU parliament voted 308 to 204 with 70 non-voting to support the suggestion to deal with the dissipation of internet hosting services for “terrorist purposes”. The EU stated that companies that totally and continuously fail to obey the law might be penalized with up to 4% of their global turnover.

A new European Parliament, which is to be elected on 23-26 May, will decide the text of the law in bargaining with the European Commission and representatives of EU governments, a process possibly to take many months.

Daniel Dalton, the parliament’s reporter for the suggestion stated that there is clearly a problem with terrorist material spreading unchecked on the internet for a long time. He stated that this information can be linked to actual terrorist incidents and national authorities must be able to act precisely. Any new law must be practical and balanced if free speech needs to be protected.

EU officials moved to manage because they believe internet companies are not doing enough under voluntary measures, even though the first hour is the most vital to preventing the viral spread of online content.

Worries the new rules are lacking and could be misused have been expressed by three U.N. special reporters for human rights and by the EU’s own rights watchdog. Draft measures requesting the bloc’s national governments to put in place the tools to recognize extremist content and an appeals procedure. The one-hour rule would be applicable from the point of notification by national authorities.

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