Nintendo Is Planning to Update the Original Switch with a new CPU and Storage

According to the filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it appears like Nintendo is planning to upgrade the original Switch with a new processor and flash storage. On 10th July, Nintendo announced a smaller, cheaper version of the Switch; however, the Switch Lite might not be a dress-up Nintendo’s sleeves. Even the Nintendo Switch is getting a new processor and storage chips. The new chip would mean fewer slowdowns, faster load times, and long battery life.

Nintendo tabled a ‘Class II Permission Change’ to the FCC, essentially a request to adjust an existing gadget without engaging the whole thing recertified for sale in the US. The changes have been vaguely laid out in a post.

If you are unaware, SoC refers to the Switch’s system-on-chip that contains its CPU and graphics, while NAND memory, also known as flash storage is present inside a solid-state drive.

The video game industry has a long history of silently exchanging components like this and often in order to cut costs as newer chips are basically smaller and easier to produce. However, video game message boards often get pretty excited about opening up consoles and looking for new silicon because sometimes it makes a great difference. The most renowned example is possibly when the Xbox 360 seemed to overheat and succumb to the “red ring of death,” but models with newer chips were far better at resisting the issue.

With the Switch, it won’t take much of an upgrade to make a difference, given how the Switch’s four-year-old Tegra X1 processor is hardly enough to churn through some of the system’s existing titles. However, there’s no telling till someone gets their hands on the new model and does a comparison.

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